Support and Documentation


You can make a valuable contribution to the Xubuntu project by helping others use Xubuntu by:


To assist with the Xubuntu documentation, you do not need to know how to program. All you need is some knowledge about Xubuntu and Xfce, and it is helpful to have good writing skills too. To get started, do the following things:

In addition to the Xubuntu system documentation, the Xubuntu documentation team helps with the Ubuntu community documentation. The community documentation is a good place to describe solutions for common problems with pretty much everything related to Ubuntu and Xubuntu. We highly recommend you to read the community documentation wiki guide for a brief introduction on contributing to the community wiki before you start editing.

The Xubuntu documentation bugs, including suggestions for improving the documentation, are tracked in Launchpad under the xubuntu-docs package.

In addition to the written documentation, any kind of alternative documentation, including screencasts, are very welcome. When you do a screencast or something else more or less out of the ordinary, send an email to the Xubuntu developers mailing list or contact us on IRC with a link to what you have done and we will add a link to it in the In the Press -page of our website. If it’s really helpful, we’ll gladly give it more publicity too.