About Xubuntu

What is Xubuntu?

Xubuntu is a community developed, GNU/Linux based Free/Open Source operating system. It is an officially recognized flavor of the popular Ubuntu operating system.

The Xubuntu community is built around the ideals enshrined in the Ubuntu Philosophy: that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customize and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

Ideals behind Xubuntu

The Xubuntu team has four major areas of focus. These guidelines help the developers work in a way that benefits the Xubuntu users most.

Usability. Xubuntu should help the user to accomplish their task, not be in the way. Furthermore, the various aspects of Xubuntu should be configurable.

Performance. Xubuntu should allow the user to get the most out of their hardware while being user-friendly. It should be lightweight enough to run on moderately old machines as well.

Ready to use product. The Xubuntu experience should be smooth and unified from the boot to the shutdown. All aspects of the operating system should be integrated and polished.

Community. The community infrastructure and communication should be robust enough to enable the contributors to direct their efforts into making Xubuntu better and not resolve irrelevant issues.

To read more about the ideals behind Xubuntu, refer to the Xubuntu Strategy Document.