Developer Area

The development for the current Xubuntu release is tracked in the Xubuntu work items tracker. In addition to showing the current status for blueprints and their individual work items, including bugs, the tracker displays some general data on progress. Finally, you can access the team calendar and join the development IRC channel #xubuntu-devel within it.

In addition to the work items tracker, the Xubuntu team uses the Xubuntu wiki to organize work on certain projects.

Xubuntu work items trackerXubuntu wiki


The main communication channels for Xubuntu development are the IRC channel #xubuntu-devel on the Libera Chat IRC network, the Xubuntu-devel mailing list, and the @XubuntuDevelopment telegram group. The Xubuntu team also runs community meetings more or less regularly.

IRC channelMailing list Telegram Group Team calendar

To see the meeting agenda for the next meeting, refer to the Xubuntu meetings wikipage. Also see the Contact page in the Xubuntu wiki for the list of current leaders and other developer-related contact information.

Contributor Documentation

The Xubuntu contributor documentation is a compilation of guides that help keep the project in the right general direction and describes the processes the community use. Finally, the last part of the documentation instructs contributors to perform certain tasks.

Contributor Documentation