For Mirrors

Xubuntu is always looking for new release mirrors around the world, especially in locations where none exist yet. If you want to support Xubuntu by dedicating some of your hardware and bandwidth in sharing Xubuntu you can become an official Xubuntu release mirror.

Official Ubuntu mirrors

If you are already an official Ubuntu mirror (or are planning to become one), simply follow the Ubuntu mirror requirements. Once your mirror is listed on the Ubuntu CD mirrors page on Launchpad and you are mirroring Xubuntu, simply point us to your Launchpad mirror page and we’ll add you to the Xubuntu mirrors list.

Xubuntu release mirrors

The requirements for Xubuntu release mirrors are similar to the requirements for the Ubuntu release mirrors.

First of all it’s important to know what you are starting with. In the worst case, mirrors with insufficient bandwidth only create issues both for the users downloading from your mirror and your server; if you run any other services, you risk them becoming inaccessible especially after Xubuntu releases. If you are uncertain, we recommend that you do not register your mirror.


  • Your upload speed should be at minimum 10 Mbps but at least 100 Mbps is strongly recommended.
  • You should have around 25 GB of free hard drive space but it’s always better to have some extra.
  • You will need to provide the downloads at least by HTTP, preferably HTTPS, but you can optionally provide FTP and rsync as well.
  • Keep up to date. If you don’t share the latest release relatively soon after the release date (or any other currently supported release), you risk your mirror to be unlisted from the Xubuntu mirror list.
  • Be responsible. Be committed to mirroring in the long run and maintain your server(s) well. In case any problems arise, take action as soon as possible.
  • We recommend joining the two mailing lists designed for Ubuntu mirror admins where you can get tips and tricks as well as see announcements targeted at mirrors: ubuntu-mirrors mailing list and ubuntu-mirrors-announce mailing list.

Setting up

You can find the instructions to setting up a Ubuntu mirror on the Mirrors page and its subpages on the Ubuntu wiki. The same instructions are applicable to Xubuntu with small tweaks.

Registering and getting listed

Once you have set up your mirror and are ready to go public, we will want the following information from you:

  • Organization or group responsible for this mirror
  • Contact information for the organization or group or the server admins
  • Your HTTP(S) URL and optionally FTP and rsync URLs
  • Your link speed
  • Your location (at least country, but you can be more specific)

Send this information to us via the Xubuntu-contacts mailing list. The list is read only by a subset of the Xubuntu team and its archive is not public.

Extended downtime or shutting down

In case you ever need to have extended downtime or wish to shut your Xubuntu mirror for good, please be in touch with us via the Xubuntu-contacts mailing list.