Help & Support

Below you’ll find a plethora of resources that will make getting help and resolving issues a snap. Getting help with Xubuntu is easy!


The documentation for currently supported Xubuntu releases can be found online at The supported releases are:

The documentation is also shipped with every release of Xubuntu.

Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions blog category, which answers some of the most common questions from Xubuntu 11.10 and onward.

Are you installing Xubuntu and have ran into a problem? Please read the release announcement for your release of choice to learn about common and known bugs.

Internet Relay Chat

Due to the real-time nature of IRC, it is often the fastest way to get help. The following is a list of primary channels for Xubuntu on the Freenode IRC network that you can connect to:

  • #xubuntu for community support; click here to join using the webchat
  • #xubuntu-devel for development discussion
  • #xubuntu-offtopic for offtopic discussion (not related to support or development)

To join the community support channel, you can use the link above. To join any of the channels, you can also use the Pidgin IM client, which is installed by default in Xubuntu. You can find Pidgin under the Internet category in the applications menu.

Please be aware that while there may appear to be lots of people in the channels, they may not be at their computers at the time; some people leave themselves logged in so they can review questions when they get back. Please don’t be put off if you don’t get a reply straight away. While you are waiting, it is a good idea to look for an answer via other support methods.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are discussion groups that use mass distribution of email to reach all subscribers. Mailing lists are ideal when you have limited connectivity and are not able to use real-time discussion methods. The Xubuntu project has two separate mailing lists:

Please note that the Xubuntu-devel mailing list is moderated. This means you will have to be subscribed to the list for your messages to be directly forwarded to other subscribers. If you are not subscribed to the list, a list moderator needs to approve your message before it will be forwarded.

Online forums and answer sites

Please note: These resources are not Xubuntu-specific by nature; not all of the information is applicable to Xubuntu directly.

You can find the official Ubuntu forums at, to get help with Xubuntu try the Desktop Environments category of the forums – use Xfce or Xubuntu as the tag to help categorize your request.

You can also add your support question in Launchpad Answers. Here you can keep your query active until a community member offers an answer which solves your problem. You can also search through all of the other questions which have been asked and answered. You may also ask your questions on

Finally, the Ubuntu community help wiki offers a wide selection of user-written tutorials.