Get Involved

Xubuntu communityEveryone can participate in the Xubuntu community on many levels, from simply giving advice to fellow Xubuntu users to becoming a maintainer of core packages. Any contribution, even the smallest one, is valued. We welcome everybody to improve Xubuntu and spread Free Software.

Get in Touch

Internet Relay Chat

Our development IRC channel #xubuntu-devel (on Freenode) is active on most days. It’s also the fastest way to get to know the community. The Xubuntu community meetings are also held on the channel.

Mailing List

The development mailing list is the other high traffic communication method used by the developers. Discussions where broader user and developer feedback is required are posted there.

Further contact information including a list of all team leaders and related Launchpad teams can be found at the Xubuntu wiki.

Participate in Development


Status Tracking

To see the current status of the development version of Xubuntu, see the Xubuntu status tracker.

In the tracker you can see all work items planned for the release. This will help you get an idea of the various things you can help with.

Once you get started with contributing, you’ll want to create an account at Launchpad. This allows you to log in to various developer websites and service including Launchpad itself, where you can work with bugs, blueprints and much more.

Activities for everybody

Even if you can’t contribute to the tasks mentioned above, you can still help Xubuntu by doing one of the following things.

If you are familiar with Xubuntu, you can help others as they run into problems or questions by giving them support in one of our support outlets.

If you attend events like conferences, Linux user groups or Ubuntu Local community team meetings, you can talk about and promote Xubuntu to other people in the events. See the Products page for useful marketing material and the Resources & Assets page for use with your own marketing material.

Finally, feel free to join and/or follow our social media accounts as well as the Xubuntu users group at Launchpad.