Get Involved

Everyone can participate in the Xubuntu community on many levels, from simply giving advice to fellow Xubuntu users to becoming a maintainer of core packages. Any contribution, even the smallest one, is valued. We welcome everybody to improve Xubuntu and spread Free Software.

Three tips to start contributing to Xubuntu

  1. Attend the Xubuntu community meetings
  2. Participate in discussions on our developer IRC channel #xubuntu-devel or the Xubuntu-devel mailing list
  3. Work within one of our teams on a project or two

Xubuntu development and subteams

Before you get started, it’s encouraged to create an account at Launchpad and introduce yourself as well as your talents in the Xubuntu-devel mailing list. Once you’ve done that, check out the subteams and their tasks to see what you would like to help with:

In addition to the ongoing tasks for subteams, the team works on release specific tasks. The current development release status including specific work items and assignees can be tracked on The data is pulled from the Launchpad blueprints where you can add new work items and claim existing work items for yourself.

When you want to contribute to the project, it’s a good idea to contact the appropriate team leader – the Xubuntu wiki has a complete, up to date list of the current Xubuntu leaders and leadership positions open.

Finally, you can create your own wiki page on the Ubuntu wiki to introduce yourself to the broader Ubuntu community as well as keep track of your contributions within the community.

Activities for everybody

Even if you can’t contribute to the tasks mentioned above, you can still help Xubuntu by doing one of the following things.

If you are familiar with Xubuntu, you can help others as they run into problems or questions by giving them support in one of our support outlets.

If you attend events like conferences, Linux user groups or Ubuntu Local community team meetings, you can talk about and promote Xubuntu to other people in the events. See the Products page for useful marketing material and the Resources & Assets page for use with your own marketing material.