Stickers and case badges

unixstickersYou can order officially endorsed Xubuntu stickers and case badges from



In addition to stickers and case badges, offers Xubuntu t-shirts.

Polos and sweaters

Hellotux logoHellotux is the officially endorsed vendor for embroided Xubuntu polos and sweaters.


The Xubuntu team has created a flyer that can be shared with people who would like to learn more about Xubuntu. The flyer has been designed for both A4 and US letter paper sizes. Both sizes have two versions; one for web, with a small file size and one for printing, where fonts are converted to paths to avoid potential font issues with printers.

A4 (web)A4 (print)US letter (web)US letter (print)

If you want to help improve the flyer, get in touch with the Marketing team.

Create your own

If you wish to create your own products or use another vendor for any reason, feel free to do so. Get the official logos from the Resources page.

If you create something new, we would love to hear from your projects!