The Xubuntu project is a team of contributors and not a formal organization. As a result, the project is unable to directly accept monetary donations.

However, there are a few ways you can support us financially in an indirect manner.


A number of our developers participate upstream with the Xfce team. The Xfce team has created two collectives on Open Collective, known as Xfce ($) and Xfce-Eu (€) respectively. All work done on Xfce benefits Xubuntu.



Canonical hosts the Xubuntu website, protects our trademark and supports our release process, including creation and serving of our ISOs. If you go to the Contribute page on the Ubuntu website you can donate money to Canonical.

Money going to “Community projects” goes to a pool of money that members of the project can make requests to in support of Xubuntu.


Hellotux logo

When you buy Xubuntu products from Hellotux they set aside a percentage for us to give out at conferences, events and more. Plus, you get nice products in return.

Donate your time

We’re always looking for people who can get involved!

Note that none of these methods are tax-deductible in any country.