Brainstorming the 12.10 release

It is the time to submit your ideas on how to make Xubuntu better: the brainstorming phase for the 12.10 roadmap is on now! It is also a good time to start contributing, since every item needs an assignee – without assignees, even good ideas will not be approved – thus not implemented.

Everybody is welcome to submit ideas to the roadmap brainstorm until the end of week 19 (13th of May). To do this, edit the table in the section New features, major bugs, improvements to community on the roadmap page for Quantal. Please add new ideas to the end of the table so it is easier to follow submissions.

If you are willing to implement a feature too (or work on an item when “implementing” is not applicable), you can add yourself to the assignee field on any item with no assignee, including your own submission. Please note that the default application specifications will need assignees as well. Feel free to add yourself as an assignee to any of these too, even if they had an assignee already – multiple assignees will most probably lead to better objectivity.

If you set yourself as assignee to any item and are not an active member in the Xubuntu community, please send an email to the Xubuntu development mailing list to introduce yourself quickly. Unless we hear from assignees before the end of week 20 (20th of May), ideas will not be approved anyway. Approving will happen during week 20 by the Xubuntu team.

To read more about approving and the roadmap phases generally, refer to the Roadmap phases or refer to the partly simplified infographic above.