Help the Community with testing and win Xubuntu stickers

Manual testing of the development version is an important part of the development cycle. The goal of manual testing is to find bugs that have been introduced during the cycle.

Finding these gives developers the opportunity to fix issues before the release. The sooner they are found, the bigger the possibility is that the bugs are fixed before regular users see them on their desktop. Without manual testers, our releases would be buggy. All that being said, we need your help doing manual testing.

Unfortunately, manual testing can often be a tedious and thankless job for the contributors who are doing the testing and bug reporting for the community. This cycle we’re hoping to change that up a bit.

We will be giving out 7 Xubuntu Sticker Bundles from now through April to selected top testers on the following schedule:

Timespan Admissible test reports
February Test reports from start of cycle to 28th February
Beta 1 Tests reported during the milestone
March Test reports from 1st March to 31st March
Final Beta Tests reported during the milestone
April Test reports from 1st April to 23rd April (end of the cycle)
Final Release Tests reported during milestone
Cycle Tests reported during the whole Vivid Vervet cycle

Depending on the success of this initiative we’ll look into adding Xubuntu t-shirts and Ubuntu books to the program during the LTS cycle leading up to April 2016.

How can I participate?

To help us out with testing and be considered as a sticker bundle recipient, do the following:

  1. Follow the Xubuntu-devel and/or Xubuntu-users mailing lists for calls at milestones when specific image testing is required.
  2. Report all of your tests to the image tracker, for you to be considered your name needs to be on the trackers.

Learn more about ISO and package testing on the Ubuntu wiki.

Xubuntu Stickers


Test images are available outside of the milestone periods for dailies. A limit of one sticker bundle is available per tester. The winning tester will be notified at the end of each period and contacted by our marketing lead for shipment details.


Thanks to for graciously donating the Xubuntu Sticker Bundles for us to give out.

Thanks to the Ubuntu Community Fund for covering the price of incidental materials and shipping for these bundles.

Finally, thanks to everybody who has done manual testing for us!