Looking for memorable and fun Xubuntu stories!

To celebrate Xubuntu’s tenth birthday*, the Xubuntu team is glad to announce a new campaign and competition!

We’re looking for your most memorable and fun Xubuntu story. In order to participate, submit the story to xubuntu-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com. Or you may share an image (photo, drawing, painting, etc) to Elizabeth K. Joseph <lyz@ubuntu.com> and Pasi Lallinaho <pasi@shimmerproject.org>, please restrict your file size to a maximum of 5M.

For example, have you shared Xubuntu with a friend or family member, and had them react in a memorable way? Or have you created Xubuntu-themed cookies, cakes or artwork? No story or experience is too simple to share and don’t be restricted by these examples, surprise us!

Bonus: Share it on Twitter and hashtag it with #LoveXubuntu and during the competition, the Xubuntu team will retweet a posts on the Twitter account for Xubuntu. Additionally, we encourage to share your stories all over the social media!

At the end of the competition, we will select 5 finalists. All finalists will receive a set of Xubuntu stickers from UnixStickers! We will pick 2 winners from the finalists who will also receive a Xubuntu t-shirt! We will be in touch with the finalists and winners after the contest has ended to check their address details and preferred t-shirt size and color (for winners).

Notes on licensing: Submissions to the #LoveXubuntu campaign will be accepted under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license and available for use for Xubuntu marketing in the future without further consent from the participants. That said, we’re friendly folks and will try to communicate with you before using your story or image!

* The first official Xubuntu release was 6.06, released on June 1, 2006.