Xubuntu 12.04 beta 1 released

The Xubuntu team is proud to announce the Beta1 release of Xubuntu 12.04, Precise Pangolin!

Updates for this release include

  • Using new maybe-ubiquity greeter
  • Alacarte is seeded by default in Xubuntu Precise beta, and will show all Xfce-related menu items on Xubuntu as well.
  • Some default shortcuts have been changed and some added, see DefaultShortcutKeys for the complete list
  • New wallpaper and other tweaks and improvements to the looks of Xubuntu are in, including lots of GTK3 fixes for the Greybird theme.

Visit the download page to give it a try. Be sure to report your testing results to help the Xubuntu developers – see the ISO testing tracker. Bugs can be reported in Launchpad. If you are looking for support, please see the #ubuntu+1 or #xubuntu IRC channels on irc.freenode.net. Before testing this release, make sure to review the release notes.

Known issues

  • For some live sessions, the network-manager indicator might be hidden. Running nm-connection-editor allows you to access the network management interface.