SRU for 16.04: Intel cursor bug fix released

When we announced the release of Xubuntu 16.04 back in April there were a few known issues, but none has been more frustrating to users than this one:

When returning from lock, the cursor disappears on the desktop, you can bring the cursor back with Ctrl+Alt+F1 followed by Ctrl+Alt+F7

Most of the other bugs were fixed by the time 16.04.1 was released in July, but this one lingered while developers tested the xserver-xorg-video-intel package that had the fix in the proposed repository in August.

Thanks to the work of those developers and the members of our community who tested the package upon our request in August, we’re delighted to announce that the fix has been included as a Stable Release Update (SRU)!

This update will be applied to your system with all other regular updates, no special action is needed on your part.