Thank you Xubuntu social media admins

In the past year the Xubuntu project has gone from zero to four social media outlets for sharing our project updates, news and discussions. All of these resources are linked at the bottom of every page on

The most exceptional thing about this experience is that not only did three of the four outlets already exist as fan-created sites, all three of these admins where delighted to add a member of the Xubuntu leadership team as an admin and have their page made Official by the project. As our intention was to not only reach more users through these resources, but also to involve more people in the project, for each of these resources we’ve asked them to keep on running the groups as they used to.


This is the only social media account that we created. Currently project lead Pasi Lallinaho and I work to keep it updated.


This was a page created by Knez Nenc and diligently maintained with not only news, but other news related to news around Xubuntu’s default applications and reviews about Xubuntu.


Laurent M. Vizcaïne has been maintaining this Xubuntu Users group on LinkedIn, which provides a professional forum for Xubuntu users to share questions and experiences.


Our most recent addition, Ton van Z syncs the latest Xubuntu news to this Facebook page for followers on Facebook, which also allows users to post notes on the “wall” for discussion with others.

So thank you to all these admins for their excellent work and enthusiasm for cooperation that exemplify the spirit of our community.

Are you running a fan page on another social media outlet that you’d like to see become an official resource for the Xubuntu project in that space? Please get in touch by emailing me, Elizabeth Krumbach, at