Bringing our web presence to 2012

After a long, long wait and much hard work, we are ready to proudly present the new Xubuntu website!

New looks

The appearance is updated and more sleek, clean, professional, informative, beautiful and representative. It’s easier to navigate on the site. The header area is less obtrusive. Generally speaking, you get faster to the content. We are also finally using our new branding.

The long-awaited migration

We’ve switched from Drupal to WordPress under the hood. We are no longer depending on any hacks, neither in the technical side or the appearance side. Administration is easier, which will hopefully result in more frequently updated website. The Xubuntu website team is also much more familiar with WordPress than Drupal, so working the site technically should be much easier in the future as well. The theme was hand-built from scratch, so we do know how to work with that as well. Even in the case we needed to extend or update it.

The most important thing – content

The site is undergoing a massive review of content and content-related issues as well. These things include, but are not limited to:

  • Hand-picked Frequently Asked Questions -article (and the FAQ-category), which covers all the most frequently asked questions and will be updated for each release
  • Developer tools, which presents you all the useful tools to get started or keep going with Xubuntu development
  • Article browsing on the sidebar
  • Up-to-date screenshots

We’re really sorry that we aren’t able to present you all the fruits of the content-reviewing process. While it would have been optimal to release the new website with all-new or at least all-reviewed content, it was more sensible to release what we have now, and fix the rest of the site later. This being said, if you notice any issues in the content, or are willing to help us work on it, please contact us. The best way is to file a bug or send email to our developer mailing list.

Finally, thanks to the following people who helped make this happen: Pasi Lallinaho (knome), Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2), madnick, Bruno A. Benitez (GridCube), Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi), Phil Whitaker (beardygnome), Unit193, Steve Dodier (SiDi) and all the others who helped us testing the site or gave any feedback.