Xubuntu 14.04 Default Wallpapers

We’re happy to announce that for 14.04 we plan to integrate a set of good-looking wallpapers by default. This is a feature many have been lacking for a while, we repeatedly heard/read about it in reviews. And we think the upcoming 14.04 LTS release is the perfect time to finally tackle this issue.

We want the community (yes, you who is reading this!) to participate in this process – so we’re looking for your wallpaper submissions!

What kind of wallpapers?

We’ve put together a page with guidelines – please follow them as closely as possible.
Note: The wallpapers have to have the appropriate license, which is CC-BY-SA. Submissions that violate those guidelines gravely (e.g. posting sexually explicit images) will be removed from the submissions page without further notice.

If you’ve participated in Ubuntu’s wallpaper contest, these guidelines will look familiar to you.

Decision making

Our decision making will be transparent, i.e. public and out in the open (we’ll hold an IRC meeting in #xubuntu-devel when the decision is due). However, it will be a decision taken by the Xubuntu artwork team, so it’s not a wallpaper contest in the sense that everyone with internet access will get to vote.

Our goal is to have a multifaceted set of wallpapers – with respect to motifs and colors (e.g. not “all blue”, “only pictures of sky+clouds”). It is hard to say before seeing the final list of submissions how this might change our decision, but it will certainly affect it. (Just to let you know in advance.)

We haven’t decided on the amount of wallpapers to include; ultimately, it also depends on the amount of submissions.

Where and how to submit

You can submit your wallpapers by uploading them to the Xubuntu Wiki. You’ll need an Ubuntu Single Sign-On account to be able to attach wallpapers.

Important: Please always include the authors’ credit and a link to the original (we need to double-check and possibly get in touch with the authors)!

Thanks in advance for your submissions!