Xubuntu Marketing with StartUbuntu Flyer

The StartUbuntu project seeks to spread Ubuntu to individuals and organizations who are migrating away from Windows XP when support runs out later this year. As one of their initiatives, Pierre van Male created a flyer featuring Ubuntu and Linux Mate (available here, A4 size only). We decided that this would be a great opportunity to create our own variation – with Xubuntu!

This month Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph and Pasi Lallinaho got to work on text and graphical updates to make this a reality and we’re pleased to announce that the flyers have been created and uploaded to SpreadUbuntu.org! Since uploading, we’ve also been inspired by community members who have begun translating it.

Find the links to the flyer as well as all translated versions on the Products page. (Edit 2014/04/15)

If your language isn’t represented yet, we encourage you to create translations in your own language and submit them to spreadubuntu.org. Once uploaded email Elizabeth at lyz@ubuntu.com with the spreadubuntu link to get it included on the Products page.

Ready to see it in the wild? A contributor at the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA has posted it at the University:


Elizabeth has also printed out flyers to have them on hand at the upcoming Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles, California:


Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. We’re looking forward to seeing more translations, remixes and pictures of printed copies around the world.